'Basket Star' NOW AVAILABLE on Birdwatch Records

Adir L. Cohen - Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Synth pad, Drums/Percussion, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass
Eden Barel
- Drums, Guitars, Percussion, Mandolin, Vox

Cameron Wisch - Drums, Bass, Vox

Chris Daley - Guitars, Piano, Synth, Vox

Hunter Davidsohn - Mellotron Organ, Drums

Tal Mashiach - Contrabass

Aaron Adams - Keys, Bass

Yonatan Peled - Trombone

Vince Tampio - Trumpet

Group Vocals: Sandy Davis, Lau Noah, Alejandro Rodriguez, Britt Yudell, David, Hana and Matan Cohen, Moka Dog

All songs written and recorded by Adir L. Cohen in Brooklyn, NY and Essex Junction, VT 
Mixed by Aaron 'Ronnie Stone' Adams

Mastered at Holy Fang Studios by Oliver Ignatius

Big Thanks to my family, my partner Britt, all the steak-holders at DBTS, Birdwatcher Records, Eden for helping to co-produce some of this during his time in the US, Cameron, Chris, Danny, Johnny Dynamite and the rest of my amazing band - and everyone else that helps make this project happen and that makes my life such a good one.

* The Song “A Little Love Couldn’t Hurt” is an interpretation of Alon Eder’s “Ktsat Ahava Lo Tazik”, translated to English by Eden Barel &Adir L.C. 


'Oceanside Cities' was self released on Dinky Pops Recs., Novembers 6, 2015. 

Album Credits:
Adir L. Cohen - vocals, guitars, arrangements 
Tom Elbaz - bass, keys/synths, guitars, background vocals, arrangements 
Alon Glesinger - Horn & String orchestration, piano, guitar 
Yehonatan Gitelman - Drums 
Gil Rivkin - violin and viola 
Gal Seri - backing vocals 
Ron Varbourg - trumpet 
Eylon Ran - trumpet 
Yonatan Peled - trombone 
Avital Tzaig - viola 
Lee Caspi - cello 
Shlomi Maya - piano 
Eden Barel - guitar 
Group Vocals: Goni Sondak, Danielle Tubul, Britt Yudell, Amir Frenkel, and many more.

All songs written by Adir L. Cohen - This album was recorded in Florentin, Tel Aviv 
Tom Elbaz produced, engineered, mixed and performed on this record
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side in New York  

'Mighty Love Collection Pt. I & II' were self released between 2013 - 2014 

All music written, performed and recorded by Adir L. Cohen at home in Glen Rock, NJ. 
Megg Farrell performs background vocals and ukulele on "Believers" and background vocals on the last chorus of "Inside Out" 
some final touches on the mastering level thanks to Carl Helder. 
Michael Blumenfeld helped engineer the "Long Answers" session and played bass and one of the guitar tracks.

'These Years on the Boat' was released on Salvation Recording Co. , Feb, 2012. 

Adir L. Cohen - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica, Bass 
Jed Kosiner - Drums, Percussion, Vocals 

With special guests: 
Vince Tampio - Assorted Horns 
Laurent Blanchette - Tuba. Trombone  
Rick Birmingham - Fiddle
Kaity Gorman - Cello 
Cody Torlincasi - Assorted Keys/Synths 
Chris Macchia - Upright Bass 
Tom Christie - Bass
our real friends - group vox  

All Songs written by Adir L. Cohen and performed by Fairweather Friends (Copyright 2012) 
Recorded by Fairweather Friends on The Boat 
Engineered by Jed Kosiner 
Mixed by Christopher Daly of Salvation Recording Co. 
Produced by Fairweather Friends & Salvation 
Mastered by Kevin McMahon at Marcata Studios

'Hangover' was self released August, 2016 

Recorded live during a short tour and visit to Tel Aviv.
Premiered on Post-Trash with a video by Eden Barel.
Track engineered and mixed by Tom Elbaz

all rights reserved ©Adirel L. Cohen