"Adir L.C.’s latest offering, “New City”, captures the album’s aesthetic, its winding, whimsical nature reminiscent of the hefty, guitar-led arrangements of Built to Spill and sometimes David Bazan’s Pedro the Lion. What keeps Adir L.C. grounded - and what kept the aforementioned bands grounded, too - is a commitment to being honest, to being human when it’s tough to be vulnerable." - Consequence of Sound

"The guitars unravel like spools of thread tumbling off a table, running away with a youthful frivolity. It runs far past Adir L.C.’s sleepy vocals in the verses and the anxious, fuzzed-out bass, leaving a calling card with the kind of shoegaze bands that feature on the soundtracks for Wes Anderson flicks and indie staples like Garden State." - The Line of Best Fit 

"Following Basket Star‘s lead single “Big Bad” (which finds the Adir expanding his use of brass while digging his roots deeper into the rock/alternative worlds), “Reacting” makes an emphatic statement about our world and these times. The track runs with a sense of thrilling urgency: It lyrics are sparsely-written, as if each line is another note jotted down on a long laundry list of things we might do to improve ourselves and our highly reactive sensibilities." - Atwood Magazine

"ADIR L.C. has one of those voices that could be singing an Applebee’s menu and it would still sound profound. Fortunately what he is singing is profound and relatable; a tome on the human condition and what it is to be alive and hurting these days. With excellent musicians and warm production, everything comes together for an engaging listen."                 Complex Distractions


"There’s nothing like an impeccably written song, and Brooklyn’s Adir L.C. has undoubtedly given us one with “Big Bad,” the first single from his upcoming album, Basket Star... Adir and company present a textured type of eerie folk on a song that slowly unfolds in synch with his silky vocal melodies. It’s that kind of singer/songwriter swoon that when done to perfection can raise goosebumps on your arms..." - Post-Trash

"..the footage blends effortlessly with the jazzy brass and shimmering free-flowing percussion, dreamy views of distant memories play-out alongside Adir L.C’s prose-like and beautifully constructed lyrics that remain with you long after the final note fades out..." - Folk Radio UK

"You have to challenge your realism (before it shifts to cynicism); cling to the notion that there is hope to be found. Feel. Sometimes your head prevails, or maybe your heart, but the writing will reveal all – the results of that test will be known. I hope Adir L.C. continues to test himself and discover his truths. The world will be a better place for it. - Gold Flake Paint

"That sense of kinetic creativity lent itself to Basket Star, Adir L.C.’s latest album and one that weaves together gentle horn arrangements, impressionistic lyrics and dreamy guitar across a dozen originals." - KUTX (NPR Austin)

"The music of Brooklyn singer-songwriter Adir L.C. has a worldly sound to it that integrates its more traditional folk elements, a result perhaps of his frequent trips across the U.S. and far beyond. The Israeli-born artist’s latest single “Big Bad” (streaming) kicks off with a burst of percussions that quickly comes to a halt, opening up space for acoustic guitars that ring with serenity. As Adir begins to sing, the intimacy of the setting may remind you of a friend who has a story to tell, someone with a rich past but who's not done growing and learning. The song slowly grows to incorporate a full arrangement, including a brass section that lifts the chorus to the song's climax, without ever losing its earnest folk quality."
- Deli Magazine

"Written on one side of the world and recorded on the other, the universal appeal of this single is rather appropriate...Adir L.C. continues to hone his warm, affable indie pop sound."


Written at various points on the globe but recorded last year in Florentin, Tel Aviv, Oceanside Cities is lush, folky pop with Adir's appealing voice making things all the more inviting.
Brooklyn Vegan

“Dinosaurs” is Adir’s song that embraces the future prehistoric state of today, presented as a big celebration in shops, living rooms, and rooftops between L.C. and company. Twilight cast revelry, impromptu dance parties, and some quirky felt dinosaur costume headpieces stir about the carpe diem ethics that embrace the joie de vivre of the moment in between contemplation of what will become of beloved coastal towns and beloved places 10,000 years on from now."
Impose Magazine

"While the music on Oceanside Cities is marked by a multi-layered pop sensibility, L.C.’s singing retains its warm, conversational style. His phrasing is always a bit before or after the beat, lending the songs an air of controlled melancholy." - Magnet


"Despite this incredible intricacy, however, Adir manages to keep his music sounding honest and genuine. There’s an authenticity to both his music and his lyrics as he sings about what is necessary to give and what it means to create art in a modern world. The occasional intensity of the topic and the music does not negate the lightheartedness of Adir’s sound, however, and the joy generated in creating the music is palpable throughout." - Indientry

"It’s there in the occasional tongue-in-cheek lyrical refrain, the downbeat juxtaposition which is also prevalent, and certainly in the grainy, splinter-edged vocals that give this record it’s brilliantly human persona……. One of the autumn’s most endearing retreats, it’s a hearty and compellingly sincere ode to the dark complexity of empty days, empty cities, and the paths we strive to carve out of them." - Gold Flake Paint


"Adir lays down this stripped back verse of slacker rock, before the accompanying guitars bleed white noise through their instruments in between. There’s a certain amount of angst in the music as it stutters to a halt on a couple of occasions before its noisier elements take over. Strip it all back though, and you have pop music at its most pure." - Backseat Mafia

"When Adir L.C.’s record started, I was taken to a place of relaxation, then sadness but then the music did a turnaround and in the end every emotion was tapped. I guess that’s what a good record should do. It should take you on a ride and not let up. That’s what Adir L.C. has managed to do with this one."… "While the music would still be a favorite on Vh1, “Creature” and “Goldmund” presented a different front. They had a depth to them that really sung loud and gave way to a pristine way of thinking. They had a very somber tone to them, but it wasn’t all serious business on Oceanside Cities. No, “Dinosaurs” was very upbeat as “Believers” and “Same Big Ring” played around musically to deliver unique takes that really made me want to hit repeat." - Golden Mixtape

"There is no wasted effort on an eight-track platter that speeds by in an efficient 29 minutes…..Keep an eye on this talented singer/songwriter." - Pittsburgh in Tune

"Este es un disco muy trabajado de indie folk orquestal, rodeado de cierto aire informal pero que suena dinámico y veraz y, como remate, está adornado con bonitos arreglos. Ocho canciones que suenan diversas y variadas y sobre las que destaca el positivismo musical de “Dinosaurs”. El tiempo y la tierra enterrará nuestras ciudades, nuestro pasado, pero mientras tanto sobrevivimos porque somos dinosaurios destinados a desaparecer." - ABC.ES / Loff.it

"The man is an interesting study, he has a callow charm, there is a coolness to his come on, a smartness that seems to sidestep cliché in his arrangements. He has something of the obtuseness of another Cohen, Leonard. His lyric is too colloquial for the reference to stick, but there is an attitudinal equality and most importantly, Adir can write songs. I mean, he can write good songs."   - Rock NYC

"...Oceanside Cities, a beautiful collection of expressive, folk-oriented songs that often feel as vibrant as they do weary.Oceanside Cities also boasts a level of grandeur that’s beginning to feel increasingly uncommon in the DIY-leaning scenes."  - Heartbreaking Bravery

"This is indie roots music, skewed Americana in which slurred guitars and the slack ensemble logic of Pavement meet a visionary, Dylanesque lyrical ambition... Cohen sings with a husky, offhand authority. His guitar playing languishes in soulful disrepair..." -  Chronogram